Fundamental Study of Ultrasonic-Measurement-Integrated Simulation of Real Blood Flow in the Aorta
A Comparison of Flow Field Structures of Two Tri-Leaflet Polymeric Heart Valves
Computational Study of Fluid Mechanical Disturbance Induced by Endovascular Stents
Interaction of Wall Shear Stress Magnitude and Gradient in the Prediction of Arterial Macromolecular Permeability
Evaluation of Ablation Patterns Using a Biophysical Model of Atrial Fibrillation
Neutrophil Migration in Opposing Chemoattractant Gradients Using Microfluidic Chemotaxis Devices
A Model for CD2/CD58-Mediated Adhesion Strengthening
Large Deformation Finite Element Analysis of Micropipette Aspiration to Determine the Mechanical Properties of the Chondrocyte
The Kinetics of Thermal Injury in Human Renal Carcinoma Cells
Ex Vivo Adipose Tissue Engineering by Human Marrow Stromal Cell Seeded Gelatin Sponge
A Dynamic Morphometric Model of the Normal Lung for Studying Expiratory Flow Limitation in Mechanical Ventilation
A Nonparametric Method for Analysis of Fluorescence Emission in Combined Time and Wavelength Dimensions
The Air-Conditioning Capacity of the Human Nose
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