International Biofluid Mechanics Symposium
Biofluids Educational Issues
Biofluid Mechanics of the Pulmonary System
Flow in Prosthetic Heart Valves
Correlation of Hemodynamic Events with Clinical and Pathological Observations
Flow Imaging and Computing
Blood Flow in Major Blood Vessels—Modeling and Experiments
Shear Stress Biology of the Endothelium
Cellular Fluid Mechanics and Mechanotransduction
Computer Modeling of Red Blood Cell Rheology in the Microcirculation
Cardiac Hemodynamics, Coronary Circulation and Interventional Cardiology
Coronary Circulation and Interventional Cardiology
On the Passive Cardiac Conductivity
Numerical Simulation of Wall Shear Stress and Particle-Based Hemodynamic Parameters in Pre-Cuffed and Streamlined End-to-Side Anastomoses
Spatial Distribution of Platelet Deposition in Stented Arterial Models Under Physiologic Flow
Tissue Engineering of Human Heart Valve Leaflets
Local Maximal Stress Hypothesis and Computational Plaque Vulnerability Index for Atherosclerotic Plaque Assessment
Two-Photon Excitation of di-4-ANEPPS for Optical Recording of Action Potentials in Rabbit Heart
A New Biomechanical Perfusion System for ex vivo Study of Small Biological Intact Vessels
Inverse Parameter Fitting of Biological Tissues
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