Biomedical Imaging Research Opportunities Workshop III : A White Paper
Introduction The Whitaker Foundation Biomedical Engineering Summit Meeting
Design in BME : Challenges, Issues, and Opportunities
Educational Methods and Best Practices in BME Laboratories1
Fostering Integrative Problem Solving in Biomedical Engineering : The PBL Approach
The Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Curriculum : Devices and Instruments
Undergraduate Biomedical Imaging Education
Biomedical Imaging Graduate Curricula and Courses : Report from the 2005 Whitaker Biomedical Engineering Educational Summit
White Paper : Rationale, Goals, and Approach for Education of Biosystems and Biosignals in Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Degree Programs
Teaching Cellular Engineering
Bioengineering and Systems Biology
Education for Careers in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Drug Delivery in the BME Curricula
Interdisciplinary BME Education : A Clinical Preceptorship Course for Undergraduate Bioengineering Students
Online Prediction of Onsets of Seizure-like Events in Hippocampal Neural Networks Using Wavelet Artificial Neural Networks
Long-Range Correlations in Rabbit Brain Neural Activity
Electrophysiological Mapping of Cat Primary Auditory Cortex with Multielectrode Arrays
Slow-Fast Decoupling of the Disparity Convergence Eye Movements Dynamics
Biaixal Stress-Stretch Behavior of the Mitral Valve Anterior Leaflet at Physiologic Strain Rates
A High Resolution Approach to Estimating Time-Frequency Spectra and Their Amplitudes
A Robust Method for Detection of Linear and Nonlinear Interactions : Application to Renal Blood Flow Dynamics
Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems
Tissue Engineering