Overexpression of Lysyl Oxidase to Increase Matrix Crosslinking and Improve Tissue Strength in Dermal Wound Healing
Evolution of Oxygen and Glucose Concentration Profiles in a Tissue-Mimetic Culture System of Embryonic Stem Cells
Computational Approach to Estimating the Effects of Blood Properties on Changes in Intra-stent Flow
Application of the Method of Fundamental Solutions to Potential-based Inverse Electrocardiography
Estimation of Cardiac Bidomain Parameters from Extracellular Measurement
Computational Model of Interstitial Transport in the Spinal Cord using Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Computational Simulations of the Human Magneto- and Electroenterogram
Induced Current Bio-impedance Technique for Monitoring Bone Mineral Density—A Simulation Model
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Computational Model for Early Cardiac Looping
Green Fluorescent Protein