The Hemodynamics of the Berlin Pulsatile VAD and the Role of its MHV Configuration
Oxygen Mass Transport in a Compliant Carotid Bifurcation Model
Development of a Mathematical Model of the Human Circulatory System
Non-Invasive Determination of Zero-Pressure Geometry of Arterial Aneurysms
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Stereolithography of Three-Dimensional Bioactive Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Constructs with Encapsulated Cells
The Effect of Methanol on Lipid Bilayers
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Models of the Human Pubic Symphysis with Viscohyperelastic Soft Tissues
A Direct Compression Stimulator for Articular Cartilage and Meniscal Explants
Cellular and Matrix Contributions to Tissue Construct Stiffness Increase with Cellular Concentration
Body Segment Parameter Estimation of the Human Lower Leg Using an Elliptical Model with Validation from DEXA
Unrestrained Acoustic Plethysmograph for Measuring Tidal Volume in Mice
Nanoscale Intracellular Organization and Functional Architecture Mediating Cellular Behavior
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