Heart Valve Tissue Engineering
The Effects of Time Varying Curvature on Species Transport in Coronary Arteries
Dependence of Intramyocardial Pressure and Coronary Flow on Ventricular Loading and Contractility
Automatic Regulation of Hemodynamic Variables in Acute Heart Failure by a Multiple Adaptive Predictive Controller Based on Neural Networks
Remote Non-invasive Stereoscopic Imaging of Blood Vessels
A Simulation Study of Expiratory Flow Limitation in Obstructive Patients during Mechanical Ventilation
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Development of a Double-Membrane Sound Generator for Application in a Voice-Producing Element for Laryngectomized Patients
Synthesis of Nitric Oxide in Human Osteoblasts in Response to Physiologic Stimulation of Electrotherapy
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The Groningen Hypothermic Liver Perfusion Pump
A Modeling Study of Notch Noise Responses of Type III Units in the Gerbil Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus