Incorporation of Myofilament Activation Mechanics into a Lumped Model of the Human Heart
Optimal Planar Flow Network Designs for Tissue Engineered Constructs with Built-in Vasculature
Mechanical Properties and Compositions of Tissue Engineered and Native Arteries
Vasoactivity of Blood Vessels Using a Novel Isovolumic Myograph
Phonocardiographic Signal Analysis Method Using a Modified Hidden Markov Model
Adhesion and Function of Human Endothelial Cells Co-cultured on Smooth Muscle Cells
Image Correlation Algorithm for Measuring Lymphocyte Velocity and Diameter Changes in Contracting Microlymphatics
The Adhesion Between a Microvillus-Bearing Cell and a Ligand-Coated Substrate
Computational Modeling of Factor Xa Inhibition by Immobilized Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor
Quantitative Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Variations of Chondrocyte Behavior in Engineered Cartilage during Long-Term Culture
Flow Perfusion Improves Seeding of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds with Different Architectures
Multivariate Objective Response Detectors (MORD)
Parametric Modeling of DSC-MRI Data with Stochastic Filtration and Optimal Input Design Versus Non-Parametric Modeling
Identification of Human Term and Preterm Labor using Artificial Neural Networks on Uterine Electromyography Data
A Distributed Model of Carbohydrate Transport and Metabolism in the Liver during Rest and High-Intensity Exercise