ABME Special Issue
Integrated Energy and Flux Balance Based Multiobjective Framework for Large-Scale Metabolic Networks
Statistical Analysis of Metabolic Pathways of Brain Metabolism at Steady State
Estimation of Likely Cancer Cure Using First- and Second-Order Product Densities of Population Balance Models
Multi-cell Agent-based Simulation of the Microvasculature to Study the Dynamics of Circulating Inflammatory Cell Trafficking
A Multi-Scale Model of Dendritic Cell Education and Trafficking in the Lung
Linking Pulmonary Oxygen Uptake, Muscle Oxygen Utilization and Cellular Metabolism during Exercise
Mechanistic Computational Model of Ovarian Steroidogenesis to Predict Biochemical Responses to Endocrine Active Compounds
Multi-scale Computational Models of Pro-angiogenic Treatments in Peripheral Arterial Disease
Relationships between Actin Regulatory Mechanisms and Measurable State Variables
A Multiscale Computational Approach to Dissect Early Events in the Erb Family Receptor Mediated Activation, Differential Signaling, and Relevance to Oncogenic Transformations
Protein Interfacial Pocket Engineering via Coupled Computational Filtering and Biological Focusing Criterion
Predicting Enzyme Functional Surfaces and Locating Key Residues Automatically from Structures
Learning to Translate Sequence and Structure to Function
Context Specific Transcription Factor Prediction
c hip a rtifact CORRECT ion (caCORRECT)
Large-Scale Automated Analysis of Location Patterns in Randomly Tagged 3T3 Cells
Tissue-driven Hypothesis with Gene Ontology (GO) Analysis
Large-Scale Optimization-Based Classification Models in Medicine and Biology