Staphylococcal Presence Alters Thrombus Formation Under Physiological Shear Conditions in Whole Blood Studies
Validation of Image-Based Method for Extraction of Coronary Morphometry
Time-dependent Changes in Smooth Muscle Cell Stiffness and Focal Adhesion Area in Response to Cyclic Equibiaxial Stretch
Assessment of Granger Causality by Nonlinear Model Identification
A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model of the Cervical Spine with Spinal Cord
Upper Neck Forces and Moments and Cranial Angular Accelerations in Lateral Impact
Biomechanical Analysis of Reducing Sacroiliac Joint Shear Load by Optimization of Pelvic Muscle and Ligament Forces
Cartilage Mechanical Response under Dynamic Compression at Physiological Stress Levels Following Collagenase Digestion
X-Ray Image Review of the Bone Remodeling Around an Osseointegrated Trans-femoral Implant and a Finite Element Simulation Case Study
Time and Spatial Invariance of Impedance Signals in Limbs of Healthy Subjects by Time-Frequency Analysis
Cellular Electrical Micro-Impedance Parameter Artifacts Produced by Passive and Active Current Regulation
Muscle Artifact Removal from Human Sleep EEG by Using Independent Component Analysis
Estimation of Breathing Rate from Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia
Modeling Recombinant Immunotoxin Efficacies in Solid Tumors
Residual Stress Patterns Affect Cell Distributions on Injection-Molded Poly-L-Lactide Substrate