Augmenting Regional Cerebral Blood Flow Using External-to-Internal Carotid Artery Flow Diversion Method
Computational Simulations of Magnetic Particle Capture in Arterial Flows
Effect of Eddy Length Scale on Mechanical Loading of Blood Cells in Turbulent Flow
Modulation of ATP/ADP Concentration at the Endothelial Cell Surface by Flow
Wall Shear Stress and Pressure Distribution on Aneurysms and Infundibulae in the Posterior Communicating Artery Bifurcation
Irregular Changes in the Structure of Flowing Blood at Low Flow Conditions
Species-Specific Pulmonary Arterial Asymmetry Determines Species Differences in Regional Pulmonary Perfusion
A Method to Replicate the Microstructure of Heart Tissue In Vitro Using DTMRI-Based Cell Micropatterning
A Controllably Anisotropic Conductivity or Diffusion Phantom Constructed from Isotropic Layers
Myofiber Ellipticity as an Explanation for Transverse Asymmetry of Skeletal Muscle Diffusion MRI In Vivo Signal
Relationships Between Total and Non-Recoverable Strain Fields in Glenohumeral Capsule During Shoulder Subluxation
Chondrogenesis and Integration of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Within an In Vitro Cartilage Defect Repair Model
A Conductivity Approach to Measuring Fixed Charge Density in Intervertebral Disc Tissue
Differences in the Crack Resistance of Interstitial, Osteonal and Trabecular Bone Tissue
Surgical and Morphological Factors that Affect Internal Mechanical Loads in Soft Tissues of the Transtibial Residuum
Feasible Stability Region in the Frontal Plane During Human Gait
The Feasibility of Irreversible Electroporation for the Treatment of Breast Cancer and Other Heterogeneous Systems
Log Energy Entropy-Based EEG Classification with Multilayer Neural Networks in Seizure
Finger Thermoregulatory Model Assessing Functional Impairment in Raynaud's Phenomenon
A Mathematical Model of Drug Release from Liposomes by Low Frequency Ultrasound
Detecting Mitoses in Time-Lapse Images of Embryonic Epithelia Using Intensity Analysis
Stem Cell Transplantation
Principles of Regenerative Medicine
Cell Signaling and Growth Factors in Development