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From Library Screening to Microarray Technology
Taxonomic Study of Linaria depauperata and L. supina Complexes in Eastern Spain
Ultrastructure of Early Secondary Embryogenesis by Multicellular and Unicellular Pathways in Cork Oak (Quercus suber L.)
The Bryophyta (Mosses)
Effects of Intercropping on Growth and Reproductive Capacity of Late-emerging Senecio vulgaris L., with Special Reference to Competition for Light
Native or Exotic? Double or Single? Evaluating Plants for Pollinator-friendly Gardens
Effect of Bracteoles on Seed Germination and Dispersal of Two Species of Atriplex
SF21 is a Protein which Exhibits a Dual Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Localization in Developing Pistils of Sunflower and Tobacco
First Nuclear DNA C-values for 25 Angiosperm Families
Dynamics of Salt Secretion by Sporobolus spicatus(Vahl) Kunth from Sites of Differing Salinity
Nectar Sugar Composition in Relation to Pollination Syndromes in Sinningieae (Gesneriaceae)
Patterns of Endopolyploidy During Seedling Development in Cabbage (Brassica oleracea L.)
Spatial pattern analysis in plant ecology
The origin, expansion and demise of plant species
Plant microtubules