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Biogenic Silica Production in Selected Alpine Plant Species and Plant Communities
Allozyme Variation in Turkmenian Populations of Wild Barley, Hordeum spontaneum Koch.
Categories of Petal Senescence and Abscission
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Effects of Prolonged Darkness on the Sensitivity of Leaf Respiration to Carbon Dioxide Concentration in C3 and C4 Species
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Vegetative Reproduction as Related to Biomechanics, Morphology and Anatomy of Four Cholla Cactus Species in the Sonoran Desert
Effects of Photoperiod, Temperature and Radiation on the Rate of Leaf Appearance in Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) under Field Conditions
Generic Delimitation and Phylogeny of the Subtribe Centaureinae (Asteraceae)
The Importance of Light Intensity for Pollen Tube Growth and Embryo Survival in Wheat × Maize Crosses
Predicting the Growth Interactions between Plants in Mixed Species Stands using a Simple Mechanistic Model
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