Aspects of Plant Intelligence
Analysis of Nuclear DNA Content in Capsicum (Solanaceae) by Flow Cytometry and Feulgen Densitometry
The Plant Communities and Environmental Gradients of Pitcairn Island: The Significance of Invasive Species and the Need for Conservation Management
Soil and Plant Water Relations Determine Photosynthetic Responses of C3 and C4 Grasses in a Semi-arid Ecosystem under Elevated CO2
Light and Water-use Efficiencies of Pine Shoots Exposed to Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Temperature
A Model for an Early Stage of Tomato Fruit Development: Cell Multiplication and Cessation of the Cell Proliferative Activity
Fracture of Plant Tissues and Walls as Visualized by Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy
Palaeo-adaptive Properties of the Xylem of Metasequoia: Mechanical/Hydraulic Compromises
Seasonal Variation in Respiration of 1-year-old Shoots of Scots Pine Exposed to Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Temperature for 4 Years
Epicormic Branches: a Growth Indicator for the Tropical Forest Tree, Dicorynia guianensis Amshoff (Caesalpiniaceae)
Molecular Systematics, GISH and the Origin of Hybrid Taxa in Nicotiana (Solanaceae)
Proliferation, Maturation and Germination of Castanea sativa Mill. Somatic Embryos Originated from Leaf Explants
Girdling Affects Carbohydrate-related Gene Expression in Leaves, Bark and Roots of Alternate-bearing Citrus Trees
Origin and Development In Vitro of Shoot Buds and Somatic Embryos from Intact Roots of Helianthus annuus × H. tuberosus
Nuclear DNA Amounts in Macaronesian Angiosperms
Handbook of plant growth. pH as the master variable
Neurotransmitters in plant life