Regulation of Jasmonate-mediated Plant Responses in Arabidopsis
Size Structure of Current-year Shoots in Mature Crowns
Nuclear DNA Content Variation and Species Relationships in the Genus Lupinus (Fabaceae)
Effect of Irradiance on the Partitioning of Assimilated Carbon During the Early Phase of Grain Filling in Rice
Growth and Architecture of Small Honey Mesquites under Jackrabbit Browsing: Overcoming the Disadvantage of being Eaten
Development and Structure of Drought-tolerant Leaves of the Mediterranean Shrub Capparis spinosa L.
Photo- and Antioxidative Protection During Summer Leaf Senescence in Pistacia lentiscus L. Grown under Mediterranean Field Conditions
Operation of the Xanthophyll Cycle and Degradation of D1 Protein in the Inducible CAM plant, Talinum triangulare, under Water Deficit
A Study of Some Biochemical and Histopathological Responses of Wet-stored Recalcitrant Seeds of Avicennia marina Infected by Fusarium moniliforme
Genetic Diversity of Hibiscus tiliaceus (Malvaceae) in China Assessed using AFLP Markers
Do Genetic Make-up and Growth Manipulation Affect Tomato Fruit Size by Cell Number, or Cell Size and DNA Endoreduplication?
Structure of Pollen Apertures in the Detarieae sensu stricto (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae), with Particular Reference to Underlying Structures (Zwischenkörper)
Localization of β-D-Glucosidase Activity and Glucovanillin in Vanilla Bean (Vanilla planifolia Andrews)
The Pollination of Trimenia moorei (Trimeniaceae): Floral Volatiles, Insect/Wind Pollen Vectors and Stigmatic Self-incompatibility in a Basal Angiosperm
Female Flower and Cupule Structure in Balanopaceae, an Enigmatic Rosid Family
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Auxin molecular biology
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