Plants and Altitude — Revisited
Molecular Systematics of Boraginaceae Tribe Boragineae Based on ITS1 and trnL Sequences, with Special Reference to Anchusa s.l.
Cracks in the Palisade Cuticle of Soybean Seed Coats Correlate with their Permeability to Water
Density Affects Gametophyte Growth and Sexual Expression of Osmunda cinnamomea (Osmundaceae: Pteridophyta)
Changes in Leaf Trichomes and Epicuticular Flavonoids during Leaf Development in Three Birch Taxa
Phenology and Phenotypic Natural Selection on the Flowering Time of a Deceit-pollinated Tropical Orchid, Myrmecophila christinae
The Influence of Rhizobium and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Accumulation by Vicia faba
Effects of Genetic Variability and Habitat of Qualea parviflora (Vochysiaceae) on Herbivory by Free-feeding and Gall-forming Insects
Floral Nectaries, Nectar Production Dynamics and Chemical Composition in Six Ipomoea Species (Convolvulaceae) in Relation to Pollinators
A New Permian Gnetalean Cone as Fossil Evidence for Supporting Current Molecular Phylogeny
Unilateral Incompatibility in Capsicum (Solanaceae): Occurrence and Taxonomic Distribution
Acid Phosphatase Role in Chickpea/Maize Intercropping
Effects of Self-, Chase and Mixed Self/Cross-pollinations on Pistil Longevity and Fruit Set in Ceiba Species (Bombacaceae) with Late-acting Self-incompatibility
Influence of Initial Organic N Reserves and Residual Leaf Area on Growth, N Uptake, N Partitioning and N Storage in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) during Post-cutting Regrowth