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Overwintering Leaves of a Forest-floor Fern, Dryopteris crassirhizoma (Dryopteridaceae): a Small Contribution to the Resource Storage and Photosynthetic Carbon Gain
Variation in Chromosome Numbers, CMA Bands and 45S rDNA Sites in Species of Selaginella (Pteridophyta)
Genetic Variability and Founder Effect in the Pitcher Plant Sarracenia purpurea (Sarraceniaceae) in Populations Introduced into Switzerland: from Inbreeding to Invasion
Assessment of Inequality of Root Hair Density in Arabidopsis thaliana using the Gini Coefficient: a Close Look at the Effect of Phosphorus and its Interaction with Ethylene
Fine-scale Clonal Structure and Diversity within Patches of a Clone-forming Dioecious Shrub, Ilex leucoclada (Aquifoliaceae)
Genetic Structure of the Endangered Plant Neolitsea sericea (Lauraceae) from the Zhoushan Archipelago Using RAPD Markers
Modelling Below- and Above-ground Biomass for Non-woody and Woody Plants
Complex Combination of Seed Dormancy and Seedling Development Determine Emergence of Viburnum tinus (Caprifoliaceae)
Multiple Developmental Pathways Leading to a Single Morph: Monosulcate Pollen (Examples From the Asparagales)
Phenotypic Correlations Among Plant Parts in Iberian Papilionoideae (Fabaceae)
Root System Architecture of Quercus pubescens Trees Growing on Different Sloping Conditions
Young Daughter Cladodes Affect CO2 Uptake by Mother Cladodes of Opuntia ficus-indica
Between-year Changes in Functional Gender Expression of Palicourea padifolia (Rubiaceae), a Distylous, Hummingbird-pollinated Shrub
Interactive Effects of Al, Ca and Other Cations on Root Elongation of Rice Cultivars Under Low pH
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