Heteromorphic Incompatibility and Efficiency of Pollination in Two Distylous Pentanisia Species (Rubiaceae)
Synchronism of Leaf and Tiller Emergence Relative to Position and to Main Stem Development Stage in a Rice Cultivar
Possible Involvement of CS-ACS1 and Ethylene in Auxin-induced Peg Formation of Cucumber Seedlings
Comparison of QTL Controlling Seedling Vigour under Different Temperature Conditions Using Recombinant Inbred Lines in Rice (Oryza sativa)
Flower Size Variation in Rosmarinus officinalis: Individuals, Populations and Habitats
Analysis of the Tomato Fruit Growth Response to Temperature and Plant Fruit Load in Relation to Cell Division, Cell Expansion and DNA Endoreduplication
Effect of Ovule Position within the Pod on the Probability of Seed Production in Bauhinia ungulata (Fabaceae)
The Use of Internal Nitrogen Stores in the Rhizomatous Grass Calamagrostis epigejos During Regrowth After Defoliation
Allozymic Differentiation of the Antirrhinum majus and A. siculum Species Groups
Mechanical Adaptations of Cleavers (Galium aparine)
Structure and Function of Plant Canopies
Development of the Monsi–Saeki Theory on Canopy Structure and Function
Optimal Photosynthetic Characteristics of Individual Plants in Vegetation Stands and Implications for Species Coexistence
Construction and Maintenance of the Optimal Photosynthetic Systems of the Leaf, Herbaceous Plant and Tree: an Eco-developmental Treatise
Leaf Canopy as a Dynamic System: Ecophysiology and Optimality in Leaf Turnover
Variation in Crown Light Utilization Characteristics among Tropical Canopy Trees
On the Factor Light in Plant Communities and its Importance for Matter Production
A Letter from Professor Boysen Jensen to Professor Monsi, September 1955