Dynamics of Leaf and Root Growth: Endogenous Control versus Environmental Impact
Ethylene Signal Transduction
Morphology, Anatomy and Histochemistry of Salicornioideae (Chenopodiaceae) Fruits and Seeds
Interaction between Orobanche crenata and its Host Legumes: Unsuccessful Haustorial Penetration and Necrosis of the Developing Parasite
Phenology of Flowering and Starch Accumulation in Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) Cuttings and Vines
Bud Morphology and Shoot Growth Dynamics in Two Species of Mediterranean Sub-shrubs Co-Existing in Gypsum Outcrops
Differentiation of Terminal Latewood Tracheids in Silver Fir Trees During Autumn
Turgor Pressure Moves Polysaccharides into Growing Cell Walls of Chara corallina
Seasonal Patterns of Growth, Dehydrins and Water-soluble Carbohydrates in Genotypes of Dactylis glomerata Varying in Summer Dormancy
Transpiration, Potassium Uptake and Flow in Tobacco as Affected by Nitrogen Forms and Nutrient Levels
Allozyme Variation in the Three Extant Populations of the Narrowly Endemic Cycad Dioon angustifolium Miq. (Zamiaceae) from North-eastern Mexico
Effects of pollen shortage and self-pollination on seed production of an endangered tree, Magnolia stellata
Selective Seed Abortion Affects the Performance of the Offspring in Bauhinia ungulata
Biomass Allocation and Leaf Chemical Defence in Defoliated Seedlings of Quercus serrata with Respect to Carbon–Nitrogen Balance
Exogenous Supply of Pantoyl Lactone to Excised Leaves Increases their Pantothenate Levels
Effect of Canopy Position on Germination and Seedling Survival of Epiphytic Bromeliads in a Mexican Humid Montane Forest
Differences in Plastic Responses to Defoliation due to Variation in the Timing of Treatments for Two Species of Sesbania (Fabaceae)
Response of Respiration of Soybean Leaves Grown at Ambient and Elevated Carbon Dioxide Concentrations to Day-to-day Variation in Light and Temperature under Field Conditions
Margaret Mee's Amazon. Diaries of an artist explorer
Methods in molecular biology, volume 286. Transgenic plants. Methods and protocols