Epigenetics and its Implications for Plant Biology. 1. The Epigenetic Network in Plants
The Emergence of Embryos from Hard Seeds is Related to the Structure of the Cell Walls of the Micropylar Endosperm, and not to Endo-β-mannanase Activity
Morphological and Secretory Characterization of Extrafloral Nectaries in Plants of Coastal Veracruz, Mexico
Aerenchyma Formation and Recovery from Hypoxia of the Flooded Root System of Nodulated Soybean
Genecology of Douglas Fir in Western Oregon and Washington
The Relative Importance of Pre- and Post-germination Determinants for Recruitment of an Annual Plant Community on Moving Sandy Land
The Changing Window of Conditions that Promotes Germination of Two Fire Ephemerals, Actinotus leucocephalus (Apiaceae) and Tersonia cyathiflora (Gyrostemonaceae)
Species Distinction in Irish Populations of Quercus petraea and Q. robur: Morphological versus Molecular Analyses
Floral Ontogeny in Ficinia and Isolepis (Cyperaceae), with Focus on the Nature and Origin of the Gynophore
Genetic Consequence of Restricted Habitat and Population Decline in Endangered Isoetes sinensis (Isoetaceae)
Cluster Roots of Leucadendron laureolum (Proteaceae) and Lupinus albus (Fabaceae) Take Up Glycine Intact: An Adaptive Strategy to Low Mineral Nitrogen in Soils?
Genetic Fingerprinting of Germplasm Accessions as an Aid for Species Conservation: A Case Study with Borderea chouardii (Dioscoreaceae), One of the Most Critically Endangered Iberian Plants
Nuclear DNA Variation, Chromosome Numbers and Polyploidy in the Endemic and Indigenous Grass Flora of New Zealand
NADP-Malate Dehydrogenase Gene Evolution in Andropogoneae (Poaceae): Gene Duplication Followed by Sub-functionalization
First Nuclear DNA C-values for 18 Eudicot Families
The Relationship Between Nuclear DNA Content and Leaf Strategy in Seed Plants
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Microbial ecology of the soil and plant growth
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