Plastid Division: Evolution, Mechanism and Complexity
Seed Anatomy and Water Uptake in Relation to Seed Dormancy in Opuntia tomentosa (Cactaceae, Opuntioideae)
Ultrastructural Evidence for a Dual Function of the Phloem and Programmed Cell Death in the Floral Nectary of Digitalis purpurea
An Anatomical Assessment of Branch Abscission and Branch-base Hydraulic Architecture in the Endangered Wollemia nobilis
Post-zygotic Reproductive Isolation Between Sympatric Taxa in the Chamaecrista desvauxii Complex (Leguminosae–Caesalpinioideae)
Sensitivity of the Invasive Geophyte Oxalis pes-caprae to Nutrient Availability and Competition
Spatial Genetic Structure and Clonal Diversity in an Alpine Population of Salix herbacea (Salicaceae)
Intra-plant Variation in Nectar Sugar Composition in Two Aquilegia Species (Ranunculaceae): Contrasting Patterns under Field and Glasshouse Conditions
Adaptive Significance of Flexistyly in Alpinia blepharocalyx (Zingiberaceae): A Hand-pollination Experiment
Seeds Use Temperature Cues to Ensure Germination under Nurse-plant Shade in Xeric Kalahari Savannah
Nuclear DNA Content Estimates in Green Algal Lineages: Chlorophyta and Streptophyta
Day Length Affects the Dynamics of Leaf Expansion and Cellular Development in Arabidopsis thaliana Partially through Floral Transition Timing
Coincidence of Small-scale Spatial Discontinuities in Leaf Morphology and Nuclear Microsatellite Variation of Quercus petraea and Q. robur in a Mixed Forest
Local Adaptation Enhances Seedling Recruitment Along an Altitudinal Gradient in a High Mountain Mediterranean Plant
Ethylene Production is Associated with Germination but not Seed Dormancy in Red Rice
Distribution and Phylogenetic Significance of the 71-kb Inversion in the Plastid Genome in Funariidae (Bryophyta)
Pollen, Tapetum and Orbicule Development in Modiolastrum malvifolium (Malvaceae)
Abnormal Root and Nodule Vasculature in R50 (sym16), a Pea Nodulation Mutant which Accumulates Cytokinins
A New Method for Non-destructive Measurement of Biomass, Growth Rates, Vertical Biomass Distribution and Dry Matter Content Based on Digital Image Analysis
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