Finding the Way in Phenotypic Space: The Origin and Maintenance of Constraints on Organismal Form
Induction of Cambial Reactivation by Localized Heating in a Deciduous Hardwood Hybrid Poplar (Populus sieboldii × P. grandidentata)
Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Wild Olives from the North-western Mediterranean Assessed by SSR Markers
Seed Development in Ipomoea lacunosa (Convolvulaceae), with Particular Reference to Anatomy of the Water Gap
Independent Control of Organogenesis and Shoot Tip Abortion are Key Factors to Developmental Plasticity in Kiwifruit (Actinidia)
Formation of Specialized Propagules Resistant to Desiccation and Cryopreservation in the Threatened Moss Ditrichum plumbicola (Ditrichales, Bryopsida)
Nitric Oxide is Involved in Nitrate-induced Inhibition of Root Elongation in Zea mays
Chromosome Numbers and Genome Size Variation in Indian Species of Curcuma (Zingiberaceae)
Carnivorous Syndrome in Asian Pitcher Plants of the Genus Nepenthes
Resistance of Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) to the Root Parasitic Plant Orobanche minor is Activated by Salicylate but not by Jasmonate
Early Cretaceous Angiosperm Invasion of Western Europe and Major Environmental Changes
Growth and Photosynthetic Responses to Salinity of the Salt-marsh Shrub Atriplex portulacoides
Cost of Reproduction in a Spring Ephemeral Species, Adonis ramosa (Ranunculaceae): Carbon Budget for Seed Production
Phylogeny and Biogeography of Cedrus (Pinaceae) Inferred from Sequences of Seven Paternal Chloroplast and Maternal Mitochondrial DNA Regions
The Effect of Hummingbird Flower Mites on Nectar Availability of Two Sympatric Heliconia Species in a Brazilian Atlantic Forest
Genetic Variability in Nodulation and Root Growth Affects Nitrogen Fixation and Accumulation in Pea
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Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Origin and Diversification of the Angiosperm Flower
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Evolution of Perianth and Stamen Characteristics with Respect to Floral Symmetry in Ranunculales
Highly Efficient Virus-induced Gene Silencing (VIGS) in California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica): An Evaluation of VIGS as a Strategy to Obtain Functional Data from Non-model Plants
Functional Conservation between CRABS CLAW Orthologues from Widely Diverged Angiosperms
Floral Initiation and Inflorescence Architecture: A Comparative View