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Somatic Embryogenesis in Peach Palm Using the Thin Cell Layer Technique : Induction, Morpho-histological Aspects and AFLP Analysis of Somaclonal Variation
Guadua zuloagae sp. nov., the First Petrified Bamboo Culm Record from the Ituzaingó Formation (Pliocene), Paraná Basin, Argentina
The Barley Phytomer
Population Genetic Structure and Hybridization Patterns in the Mediterranean Endemics Phlomis lychnitis and P. crinita (Lamiaceae)
Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Plants Subjected to Boron Toxicity
Variability in Floral Scent in Rewarding and Deceptive Orchids : The Signature of Pollinator-imposed Selection?
Physiological and Biochemical Tools Useful in Drought-Tolerance Detection in Genotypes of Winter Triticale : Accumulation of Ferulic Acid Correlates with Drought Tolerance
Modelling Wheat Growth and Yield Losses from Late Epidemics of Foliar Diseases using Loss of Green Leaf Area per Layer and Pre-anthesis Reserves
Influence of a Weak DC Electric Field on Root Meristem Architecture
Micromorphology of the Labellum and Floral Spur of Cryptocentrum Benth. and Sepalosaccus Schltr. (Maxillariinae : Orchidaceae)
On the Balance between Niche and Neutral Processes as Drivers of Community Structure along a Successional Gradient : Insights from Alpine and Sub-alpine Meadow Communities
A Comparative Analysis of the Temperature Response of Leaf Elongation in Bromus stamineus and Lolium perenne Plants in the Field : Intrinsic and Size-mediated Effects
Plant Nitrogen Dynamics and Nitrogen-use Strategies under Altered Nitrogen Seasonality and Competition
Seedling Growth Strategies in Bauhinia Species : Comparing Lianas and Trees
Chill-Induced Decrease in Capacity of RuBP Carboxylation and Associated H2O2 Accumulation in Cucumber Leaves are Alleviated by Grafting onto Figleaf Gourd
Oxygen Concentrations Inside the Traps of the Carnivorous Plants Utricularia and Genlisea (Lentibulariaceae)
Sympodial Construction of Fibonacci-type Leaf Rosettes in Pinguicula moranensis (Lentibulariaceae)
Relationship between Shoot-rooting and Root-sprouting Abilities and the Carbohydrate and Nitrogen Reserves of Mediterranean Dwarf Shrubs
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