How Many Genes are Needed to Make a Pollen Tube? Lessons from Transcriptomics
South American Leaf Blight of the Rubber Tree (Hevea spp.): New Steps in Plant Domestication using Physiological Features and Molecular Markers
A Preliminary Study of Genetic Variation in Populations of Monstera adansonii var. klotzschiana (Araceae) from North-East Brazil, Estimated with AFLP Molecular Markers
Wind-Dragged Corolla Enhances Self-Pollination: A New Mechanism of Delayed Self-Pollination
Intercellular Pectic Protuberances in Asplenium: New Data on their Composition and Origin
Mechanism and Control of Solanum lycocarpum Seed Germination
Ecology of Achene Dimorphism in Leontodon saxatilis
Vegetative Storage Protein in Litchi chinensis, a Subtropical Evergreen Fruit Tree, Possesses Trypsin Inhibitor Activity
The Endophytic System of Mediterranean Cytinus (Cytinaceae) Developing on Five Host Cistaceae Species
Phylogeography of the Tree Hymenaea stigonocarpa (Fabaceae: Caesalpinioideae) and the Influence of Quaternary Climate Changes in the Brazilian Cerrado
Conservative Decrease in Water Potential in Existing Leaves during New Leaf Expansion in Temperate and Tropical Evergreen Quercus Species
Segregation for Sexual Seed Production in Paspalum as Directed by Male Gametes of Apomictic Triploid Plants
Microsatellite Diversity of the Agriculturally Important Alpine Grass Poa alpina in Relation to Land Use and Natural Environment
Population Dynamics of Diploid and Hexaploid Populations of a Perennial Herb
Synchronous Pulsed Flowering: Analysis of the Flowering Phenology in Juncus (Juncaceae)
Comparing Morphological Plasticity of Root Orders in Slow- and Fast-growing Citrus Rootstocks Supplied with Different Nitrate Levels
Interactive Effects of Nutrient and Mechanical Stresses on Plant Morphology
Cryptic Speciation in the Caesalpinia hintonii Complex (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae) in a Seasonally Dry Mexican Forest
Chilling Tolerance of Central European Maize Lines and their Factorial Crosses
Genome Size Variation and Species Relationships in Hieracium Sub-genus Pilosella (Asteraceae) as Inferred by Flow Cytometry
Extrafloral Nectaries in Aspen (Populus tremuloides): Heritable Genetic Variation and Herbivore-induced Expression
Stomatal Regulation of Photosynthesis in Apple Leaves: Evidence for Different Water-use Strategies between Two Cultivars
Inferring the Geometry of Fourth-Period Metallic Elements in Arabidopsis thaliana Seeds using Synchrotron-Based Multi-Angle X-ray Fluorescence Mapping
Is Floral Longevity Influenced by Reproductive Costs and Pollination Success in Cohniella ascendens (Orchidaceae)?
Is Eucalyptus Cryptically Self-incompatible?
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