Silica in Plants : Biological, Biochemical and Chemical Studies
Gene Expression Changes and Early Events in Cotton Fibre Development
Nodulation of Cyclopia spp. (Leguminosae, Papilionoideae) by Burkholderia tuberum
Seedling Diversity and the Homologies of Seedling Organs in the Order Poales (Monocotyledons)
Cortical Aerenchyma Formation in Hypocotyl and Adventitious Roots of Luffa cylindrica Subjected to Soil Flooding
The Cucurbits of Mediterranean Antiquity : Identification of Taxa from Ancient Images and Descriptions
Distribution and Translocation of 141Ce (III) in Horseradish
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The Role of Beetle Marks and Flower Colour on Visitation by Monkey Beetles (Hopliini) in the Greater Cape Floral Region, South Africa
Floral Morphology and Development in Quillajaceae and Surianaceae (Fabales), the Species-poor Relatives of Leguminosae and Polygalaceae
Contrasting Physiological Responses of Six Eucalyptus Species to Water Deficit
Morphological and Physiological Responses to Sediment Type and Light Availability in Roots of the Submerged Plant Myriophyllum spicatum
Using an Ecophysiological Analysis to Dissect Genetic Variability and to Propose an Ideotype for Nitrogen Nutrition in Pea
Growth and Nitrogen Relations in the Mat-forming Lichens Stereocaulon paschale and Cladonia stellaris
Ecological Context of Breeding System Variation : Sex, Size and Pollination in a (Predominantly) Gynodioecious Shrub
Chemical Composition of the Epicuticular and Intracuticular Wax Layers on Adaxial Sides of Rosa canina Leaves
Towards a Phylogeny for Coffea (Rubiaceae) : Identifying Well-supported Lineages Based on Nuclear and Plastid DNA Sequences
Stony Endocarp Dimension and Shape Variation in Prunus Section Prunus
Isolation and Characterization of Arbuscules from Roots of an Increased-arbuscule-forming Mutant of Lotus japonicus
The emerald planet
Extrafloral Nectaries in Aspen (Populus tremuloides) : Heritable Genetic Variation and Herbivore-induced Expression
Floral Initiation and Inflorescence Architecture : A Comparative View