John Bryant takes a closer look at some of this month's Original Articles
Cytosolic Nitrate Ion Homeostasis: Could it Have a Role in Sensing Nitrogen Status?
Developmental Changes in Peanut Root Structure during Root Growth and Root-structure Modification by Nodulation
Comparison between the Anatomical and Morphological Structure of Leaf Blades and Foliar Domatia in the Ant-plant Hirtella physophora (Chrysobalanaceae)
Root Character Evolution and Systematics in Cranichidinae, Prescottiinae and Spiranthinae (Orchidaceae, Cranichideae)
Are Pectins Involved in Cold Acclimation and De-acclimation of Winter Oil-seed Rape Plants?
Surface Hydrophobicity Causes SO2 Tolerance in Lichens
Does Germination Success Differ with Respect to Seed Mass and Germination Season? Experimental Testing of Plant Functional Trait Responses to Grassland Management
A Simulation of the Importance of Length of Growing Season and Canopy Functional Properties on the Seasonal Gross Primary Production of Temperate Alpine Meadows
Inequality of Size and Size Increment in Pinus banksiana in Relation to Stand Dynamics and Annual Growth Rate
Suppression of Host Photosynthesis by the Parasitic Plant Rhinanthus minor
Variability of Phyllochron, Plastochron and Rate of Increase in Height in Photoperiod-sensitive Sorghum Varieties
In vivo Visualization of the Water-refilling Process in Xylem Vessels Using X-ray Micro-imaging
Analysis of Reciprocal-transfer Experiments to Estimate the Length of Phases having Different Responses to Temperature
Handbook of Plant Science