John Bryant takes a closer look at some of this month's Original Articles
The Growing Outer Epidermal Wall: Design and Physiological Role of a Composite Structure
Seed-coat Dormancy in Grevillea linearifolia: Little Change in Permeability to an Apoplastic Tracer after Treatment with Smoke and Heat
The Genetic Structure of the Remnant Populations of Centaurea horrida in Sardinia and Associated Islands
Is Floral Diversification Associated with Pollinator Divergence? Flower Shape, Flower Colour and Pollinator Preference in Chilean Mimulus
Phylogeny of Sinojackia (Styracaceae) Based on DNA Sequence and Microsatellite Data: Implications for Taxonomy and Conservation
Xylem Development and Cell Wall Changes of Soybean Seedlings Grown in Space
Clonal Integration Affects Growth, Photosynthetic Efficiency and Biomass Allocation, but not the Competitive Ability, of the Alien Invasive Alternanthera philoxeroides under Severe Stress
Apple Dwarfing Rootstocks and Interstocks Affect the Type of Growth Units Produced during the Annual Growth Cycle: Precocious Transition to Flowering Affects the Composition and Vigour of Annual Shoots
The Effects of Cold Acclimation on Photosynthetic Apparatus and the Expression of COR14b in Four Genotypes of Barley (Hordeum vulgare) Contrasting in their Tolerance to Freezing and High-light Treatment in Cold Conditions
Mimicking a Semi-arid Tropical Environment Achieves Dormancy Alleviation for Seeds of Australian Native Goodeniaceae and Asteraceae
A Test of the Scale-dependence of the Species Abundance–People Correlation for Veteran Trees in Italy
Sexual Dimorphism in the Andromonoecious Euphorbia nicaeensis: Effects of Gender and Inflorescence Development
Effects of Light and Nutrient Availability on Leaf Mechanical Properties of Plantago major: A Conceptual Approach