John Bryant takes a closer look at some of this month's Original Articles
Transglutaminases: Widespread Cross-linking Enzymes in Plants
Evolutionary Trends in the Flowers of Asteridae: Is Polyandry an Alternative to Zygomorphy?
Embryological Features of Tofieldia glutinosa and Their Bearing on the Early Diversification of Monocotyledonous Plants
Geographical Structuring of Genetic Diversity Across the Whole Distribution Range of Narcissus longispathus, a Habitat-specialist, Mediterranean Narrow Endemic
Nuclear DNA Microsatellites Reveal Genetic Variation but a Lack of Phylogeographical Structure in an Endangered Species, Fraxinus mandshurica, Across North-east China
Characterization and Expression Analysis of Genes Directing Galactomannan Synthesis in Coffee
β-1,3:1,4-Glucan Synthase Activity in Rice Seedlings under Water
Cellular Differentiation in Moss Protonemata: A Morphological and Experimental Study
Flooding Effects on Plants Recovering from Defoliation in Paspalum dilatatum and Lotus tenuis
Interaction Between Seed Dormancy-release Mechanism, Environment and Seed Bank Strategy for a Widely Distributed Perennial Legume, Parkinsonia aculeata (Caesalpinaceae)
DNA Sequence and Expression Variation of Hop (Humulus lupulus) Valerophenone Synthase (VPS), a Key Gene in Bitter Acid Biosynthesis
Precipitation-dependent Flowering of Globularia alypum and Erica multiflora in Mediterranean Shrubland Under Experimental Drought and Warming, and its Inter-annual Variability
The Effect of Temperature Shock and Grain Morphology on Alpha-amylase in Developing Wheat Grain