John Bryant takes a closer look at some of this month's Original Articles
Cockroaches as Pollinators of Clusia aff. sellowiana (Clusiaceae) on Inselbergs in French Guiana
Flower Morphology, Pollination Biology and Mating System of the Complex Flower of Vigna caracalla (Fabaceae: Papilionoideae)
Microarray Analysis of Developing Flax Hypocotyls Identifies Novel Transcripts Correlated with Specific Stages of Phloem Fibre Differentiation
Detailed Analysis of the Expression of an Alpha-gliadin Promoter and the Deposition of Alpha-gliadin Protein During Wheat Grain Development
Role of Seed Coat in Imbibing Soybean Seeds Observed by Micro-magnetic Resonance Imaging
Reproductive and Competitive Interactions Among Gametophytes of the Allotetraploid Fern Dryopteris corleyi and its Two Diploid Parents
Red Reveals Branch Die-back in Norway Maple Acer platanoides
The Relationships of Wood-, Gas- and Water Fractions of Tree Stems to Performance and Life History Variation in Tropical Trees
The Role of Forest Tent Caterpillar Defoliations and Partial Harvest in the Decline and Death of Sugar Maple
Diel Shifts in Carboxylation Pathway and Metabolite Dynamics in the CAM Bromeliad Aechmea ‘Maya’ in Response to Elevated CO2
Genetic Variation of Stomatal Traits and Carbon Isotope Discrimination in Two Hybrid Poplar Families (Populus deltoides ‘S9-2’ × P. nigra ‘Ghoy’ and P. deltoides ‘S9-2’ × P. trichocarpa ‘V24’)
Vindoline Formation in Shoot Cultures of Catharanthus roseus is Synchronously Activated with Morphogenesis Through the Last Biosynthetic Step
High Invasive Pollen Transfer, Yet Low Deposition on Native Stigmas in a Carpobrotus-invaded Community
ABA Inhibits Embryo Cell Expansion and Early Cell Division Events During Coffee (Coffea arabica ‘Rubi’) Seed Germination
Development of a Local Size Hierarchy Causes Regular Spacing of Trees in an Even-aged Abies Forest: Analyses Using Spatial Autocorrelation and the Mark Correlation Function
Intraspecific Variation in Viola suavis in Europe: Parallel Evolution of White-flowered Morphotypes
A New Approach to the Quantification of Degree of Reciprocity in Distylous (sensu lato) Plant Populations
Anther Appendages of Incarvillea Trigger a Pollen-dispensing Mechanism
Plant anatomy: an applied approach