John Bryant takes a closer look at some of this month's Original Articles
Inhibition of chalcone synthase Expression in Anthers of Raphanus sativus with Ogura Male Sterile Cytoplasm
Molecular Phylogeny of the Neotropical Genus Christensonella (Orchidaceae, Maxillariinae): Species Delimitation and Insights into Chromosome Evolution
Submergence-responsive MicroRNAs are Potentially Involved in the Regulation of Morphological and Metabolic Adaptations in Maize Root Cells
Diversity of a Complex Centromeric Satellite and Molecular Characterization of Dispersed Sequence Families in Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris)
Autonomous Selfing Provides Reproductive Assurance in an Alpine Ginger Roscoea schneideriana (Zingiberaceae)
Floral Structure of Kirkia (Kirkiaceae) and its Position in Sapindales
Reductions in Maize Root-tip Elongation by Salt and Osmotic Stress do not Correlate with Apoplastic O2 •− Levels
Simulating the Influence of Vernalization, Photoperiod and Optimum Temperature on Wheat Developmental Rates
Adaptation of Rhizome Connections in Drylands: Increasing Tolerance of Clones to Wind Erosion
Late Foliar Diseases in Wheat Crops Decrease Nitrogen Yield Through N Uptake Rather than Through Variations in N Remobilization
Cyclone Tolerance in New World Arecaceae: Biogeographic Variation and Abiotic Natural Selection
Intrapopulation Genome Size Dynamics in Festuca pallens
Responses to Changes in Ca2+ Supply in Two Mediterranean Evergreens, Phillyrea latifolia and Pistacia lentiscus, During Salinity Stress and Subsequent Relief
The Generality of Leaf Size versus Number Trade-off in Temperate Woody Species
Light-related Loci Controlling Seed Germination in Ler × Cvi and Bay-0 × Sha Recombinant Inbred-line Populations of Arabidopsis thaliana
Floral and Inflorescence Morphology and Ontogeny in Beta vulgaris, with Special Emphasis on the Ovary Position
A Novel Mechanism by which Silica Defends Grasses Against Herbivory
Imperial nature. Joseph Hooker and the practices of Victorian science