John Bryant takes a closer look at some of this month's Original Articles
The Iron-regulated Transporter, MbNRAMP1, Isolated from Malus baccata is Involved in Fe, Mn and Cd Trafficking
Ancient Chinese Literature Reveals Pathways of Eggplant Domestication
Comparative Anatomy and Morphology of Nectar-producing Melastomataceae
The Impact of Biochemistry vs. Population Membership on Floral Scent Profiles in Colour Polymorphic Hesperis matronalis
Is Shade Beneficial for Mediterranean Shrubs Experiencing Periods of Extreme Drought and Late-winter Frosts?
Leaf Investment and Light Partitioning among Leaves of Different Genotypes of the Clonal Plant Potentilla reptans in a Dense Stand after 5 Years of Competition
Germination Responses to Water Potential in Neotropical Pioneers Suggest Large-seeded Species Take More Risks
Replacement of Species Along Altitude Gradients: The Role of Branch Architecture
A Unifying Concept for the Dependence of Whole-crop N: P Ratio on Biomass: Theory and Experiment
Plant Enemy-derived Elicitors Increase the Foliar Tannin Concentration of Onobrychis viciifolia Without a Trade-off to Growth
Clonal Plasticity of Aquatic Plant Species Submitted to Mechanical Stress: Escape versus Resistance Strategy
The Origin of Clonal Diversity and Structure of Populus alba in Sardinia: Evidence from Nuclear and Plastid Microsatellite Markers
Delimitation of Sauropus (Phyllanthaceae) Based on Plastid matK and Nuclear Ribosomal ITS DNA Sequence Data
Effects of Plant Size and Weather on the Flowering Phenology of the Organ Pipe Cactus (Stenocereus thurberi)
Limitations to Reproductive Output and Genetic Rescue in Populations of the Rare Shrub Grevillea repens (Proteaceae)
Effect of Pollination on Floral Longevity and Costs of Delaying Fertilization in the Out-crossing Polygala vayredae Costa (Polygalaceae)