John Bryant takes a closer look at some of this month's Original Articles
Plant microtubules: development and flexibility. Plant Cell Monographs, Vol. 11, 2nd edn
Dispersal in plants. A population perspective
The aliveness of plants: the Darwins at the dawn of plant science
Evaluating the microtubule cytoskeleton and its interacting proteins in monocots by mining the rice genome
Thiourea modulates the expression and activity profile of mtATPase under salinity stress in seeds of Brassica juncea
Preformation and distribution of staminate and pistillate flowers in growth units of Nothofagus alpina and N. obliqua (Nothofagaceae)
Recognition of root exudates by seeds of broomrape (Orobanche and Phelipanche) species
A proposed mechanism for physical dormancy break in seeds of Ipomoea lacunosa (Convolvulaceae)
Genetic variation of piperidine alkaloids in Pinus ponderosa: a common garden study
Chromosome diversity and evolution in Liliaceae
Highly efficient uptake of phosphorus in epiphytic bromeliads
Flowering phenology of invasive alien plant species compared with native species in three Mediterranean-type ecosystems
Regulation of tomato fruit ascorbate content is more highly dependent on fruit irradiance than leaf irradiance
The extreme halophyte Salicornia veneta is depleted of the extrinsic PsbQ and PsbP proteins of the oxygen-evolving complex without loss of functional activity
Food bodies in Cissus verticillata (Vitaceae): ontogenesis, structure and functional aspects
Mycorrhization and phosphorus nutrition affect water relations and CAM induction by drought in seedlings of Clusia minor
Field methods for sampling and storing nectar from flowers with low nectar volumes