John Bryant takes a closer look at some of this month's Original Articles
Root hairs. Plant Cell Monographs, vol. 12
The plant cytoskeleton
The molecular biology of seasonal flowering-responses in Arabidopsis and the cereals
A dynamic model of plant growth with interactions between development and functional mechanisms to study plant structural plasticity related to trophic competition
The Cucurbitaceae and Solanaceae illustrated in medieval manuscripts known as the Tacuinum Sanitatis
Phenotypic, genetic and genomic consequences of natural and synthetic polyploidization of Nicotiana attenuata and Nicotiana obtusifolia
Effect of pitcher age on trapping efficiency and natural prey capture in carnivorous Nepenthes rafflesiana plants
Reproductive success of non-rewarding Cypripedium japonicum benefits from low spatial dispersion pattern and asynchronous flowering
Aluminium tolerance and high phosphorus efficiency helps Stylosanthes better adapt to low-P acid soils
Developmental plasticity and biomechanics of treelets and lianas in Manihot aff. quinquepartita (Euphorbiaceae)
Priming and re-drying improve the survival of mature seeds of Digitalis purpurea during storage
A leachate a day keeps the seedlings away
Inherited variability in multiple traits determines fitness in populations of an annual legume from contrasting latitudinal origins
Germination parameterization and development of an after-ripening thermal-time model for primary dormancy release of Lithospermum arvense seeds
How do population genetic parameters affect germination of the heterocarpic species Atriplex tatarica (Amaranthaceae)?
Decorrelating source and sink determinism of nitrogen remobilization during grain filling in wheat
Is axis position within tree architecture a determinant of axis morphology, branching, flowering and fruiting? An essay in mango
Water deficit and induction of summer dormancy in perennial Mediterranean grasses
Impacts of seedling herbivory on plant competition and implications for species coexistence