John Bryant takes a closer look at some of this month's Original Articles
Annals of Botany Graduate Prize Winner
Bryophyte biology, 2nd edn
The illustrated moss flora of Antarctica
Tropical forest community ecology
Teaching plant anatomy through creative laboratory exercises
Molecular breeding of forage and turf
Sucrose-mediated translational control
Differential regulatory role of nitric oxide in mediating nitrate reductase activity in roots of tomato (Solanum lycocarpum)
Different genome-specific chromosome stabilities in synthetic Brassica allohexaploids revealed by wide crosses with Orychophragmus
Differential effects of nectar robbing by the same bumble-bee species on three sympatric Corydalis species with varied mating systems
Pollination syndromes in African Marantaceae
Ecological correlates of ex situ seed longevity
Dynamics of distribution and performance of ramets constructing genets
Introgression of apomixis into sexual species is inhibited by mentor effects and ploidy barriers in the Ranunculus auricomus complex
Phytoliths in woody plants from the Miombo woodlands of Mozambique
Ageing effects in an iteroparous plant species with a variable life span
Molecular systematics of Gagea and Lloydia (Liliaceae; Liliales)
Phylogenetics of Olea (Oleaceae) based on plastid and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences
Genome size in Hieracium subgenus Hieracium (Asteraceae) is strongly correlated with major phylogenetic groups
Water-use responses of ‘living fossil’ conifers to CO2 enrichment in a simulated Cretaceous polar environment
Uptake of aluminium into Arabidopsis root cells measured by fluorescent lifetime imaging