John Bryant takes a closer look at some of this month's Original Articles
Regulation of gene expression in plants
Sulfur in plants
Principles and practices of plant genomics. Volume 2
The rhizosphere
An introduction to mathematical models in ecology and evolution
Recent advances in the study of gynodioecy
Developmental changes in spatial distribution of in vivo fluorescence and epidermal UV absorbance over Quercus petraea leaves
Sucrose importation into laticifers of Hevea brasiliensis, in relation to ethylene stimulation of latex production
Mineral nutrient uptake from prey and glandular phosphatase activity as a dual test of carnivory in semi-desert plants with glandular leaves suspected of carnivory
Phylogeography and disjunct distribution in Lychnophora ericoides (Asteraceae), an endangered cerrado shrub species
Dendrochronological potential of the alpine shrub Rhododendron nivale on the south-eastern Tibetan Plateau
Erythrina speciosa (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae) under soil water saturation
A bicontinental origin of polyploid Australian/New Zealand Lepidium species (Brassicaceae)? Evidence from genomic in situ hybridization
Implications of a long-term, pollinator-mediated selection on floral traits in a generalist herb
Carbon allocation during fruiting in Rubus chamaemorus
The seed bank longevity index revisited
Ancient and current gene flow between two distantly related Mediterranean oak species, Quercus suber and Q. ilex
Response to non-uniform salinity in the root zone of the halophyte Atriplex nummularia
Simulating the evolution of glyphosate resistance in grains farming in northern Australia
Functional and genetic diversity of mycorrhizal fungi from single plants of Caladenia formosa (Orchidaceae)
Effects of pollination timing on seed paternity and seed mass in Silene latifolia (Caryophyllaceae)
Simulating carbon dioxide exchange rates of deciduous tree species
Extra petals in the buttercup (Ranunculus repens) provide a quick method to estimate the age of meadows