Recent advances in understanding the assembly and repair of photosystem II
Mutual reproductive dependence of distylic Cordia leucocephala (Cordiaceae) and oligolectic Ceblurgus longipalpis (Halictidae, Rophitinae) in the Caatinga
False paracarpy in Seemannaralia (Araliaceae)
Reticulate evolution in diploid and tetraploid species of Polystachya (Orchidaceae) as shown by plastid DNA sequences and low-copy nuclear genes
Regulation of tillering in sorghum
Regulation of tillering in sorghum
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Effect of seed position in spikelet on life history of Eremopyrum distans (Poaceae) from the cold desert of north-west China
Phylogenetic studies favour the unification of Pennisetum, Cenchrus and Odontelytrum (Poaceae)
Warm spring temperatures induce persistent season-long changes in shoot development in grapevines
Effects of light on direct and indirect defences against herbivores of young plants of Mallotus japonicus demonstrate a trade-off between two indirect defence traits
Microsatellites reveal substantial among-population genetic differentiation and strong inbreeding in the relict fern Dryopteris aemula
The base number of ‘loxoscaphoid’ Asplenium species and its implication for cytoevolution in Aspleniaceae
Effects of temporal heterogeneity of water supply on the growth of Perilla frutescens depend on plant density
Crop production on acidic soils
The role of the root apoplast in aluminium-induced inhibition of root elongation and in aluminium resistance of plants
How a microbial drug transporter became essential for crop cultivation on acid soils
Engineering greater aluminium resistance in wheat by over-expressing TaALMT1
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QTL analysis of root traits as related to phosphorus efficiency in soybean