The evolution of flower development
The selfing syndrome
A double-flowered variety of lesser periwinkle (Vinca minor fl. pl.) that has persisted in the wild for more than 160 years
Carpeloidy in flower evolution and diversification
Angiosperm ovules
Over-expression of the Gerbera hybrida At-SOC1-like1 gene Gh-SOC1 leads to floral organ identity deterioration
Expression of floral identity genes in Clianthus maximus during mass inflorescence abortion and floral development
Insights from ANA-grade angiosperms into the early evolution of CUP-SHAPED COTYLEDON genes
Diversification of CYCLOIDEA expression in the evolution of bilateral flower symmetry in Caprifoliaceae and Lonicera (Dipsacales)
High time for a roll call
Robustness and evolvability in the B-system of flower development
Alternate transcripts of a floral developmental regulator have both distinct and redundant functions in opium poppy