An introduction to plant structure and development. Plant anatomy for the Twenty-first Century
All flesh is grass. Plant–animal interrelationships
Plant Cuttings
Breeding crop plants with deep roots
Ontogeny, understorey light interception and simulated carbon gain of juvenile rainforest evergreens differing in shade tolerance
Cambial activity related to tree size in a mature silver-fir plantation
Factors responsible for deep-sowing tolerance in wheat seedlings
Involvement of nitric oxide and auxin in signal transduction of copper-induced morphological responses in Arabidopsis seedlings
Association between border cell responses and localized root infection by pathogenic Aphanomyces euteiches
Medieval herbal iconography and lexicography of Cucumis (cucumber and melon, Cucurbitaceae) in the Occident, 1300–1458
Transcriptome analysis of chestnut (Castanea sativa) tree buds suggests a putative role for epigenetic control of bud dormancy
Pollen–pistil interactions and early fruiting in parthenocarpic citrus
Fruit regulates seasonal expression of flowering genes in alternate-bearing ‘Moncada’ mandarin
Xylan-degrading enzymes in male and female flower nectar of Cucurbita pepo
Optimal use of leaf nitrogen explains seasonal changes in leaf nitrogen content of an understorey evergreen shrub
Functional traits and root morphology of alpine plants
The role of inbreeding and outbreeding in herbivore resistance and tolerance in Vincetoxicum hirundinaria
Impacts of long-term enhanced UV-B radiation on bryophytes in two sub-Arctic heathland sites of contrasting water availability
Cushions of Thylacospermum caespitosum (Caryophyllaceae) do not facilitate other plants under extreme altitude and dry conditions in the north-west Himalayas
Root morphology, hydraulic conductivity and plant water relations of high-yielding rice grown under aerobic conditions