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Plant Cuttings
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Floral closure induced by pollination in gynodioecious Cyananthus delavayi (Campanulaceae) : effects of pollen load and type, floral morph and fitness consequences
Eco-geographically divergent diploids, Caucasian clover (Trifolium ambiguum) and western clover (T. occidentale), retain most requirements for hybridization
Common allometric response of open-grown leader shoots to tree height in co-occurring deciduous broadleaved trees
Allotetraploid origin and divergence in Eleusine (Chloridoideae, Poaceae) : evidence from low-copy nuclear gene phylogenies and a plastid gene chronogram
Effects of light quality on leaf morphogenesis of a heterophyllous amphibious plant, Rotala hippuris
Development and persistence of sandsheaths of Lyginia barbata (Restionaceae) : relation to root structural development and longevity
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Ammonia emission from rice leaves in relation to photorespiration and genotypic differences in glutamine synthetase activity