Plant Cuttings
Uptake of ant-derived nitrogen in the myrmecophytic orchid Caularthron bilamellatum
Nitric oxide is involved in light-specific responses of tomato during germination under normal and osmotic stress conditions
Population structure of the wild soybean (Glycine soja) in China
Disorganization of F-actin cytoskeleton precedes vacuolar disruption in pollen tubes during the in vivo self-incompatibility response in Nicotiana alata
Microcystin-LR, a protein phosphatase inhibitor, induces alterations in mitotic chromatin and microtubule organization leading to the formation of micronuclei in Vicia faba
Floral elaiophore structure in four representatives of the Ornithocephalus clade (Orchidaceae
The interplay of stress and mowing disturbance for the intensity and importance of plant interactions in dry calcareous grasslands
Experimental test for adaptive differentiation of ginseng populations reveals complex response to temperature
Soil water content and patterns of allocation to below- and above-ground biomass in the sexes of the subdioecious plant Honckenya peploides
Phenotypic plasticity as an index of drought tolerance in three Patagonian steppe grasses
Tree developmental biology
Fluctuations of cambial activity in relation to precipitation result in annual rings and intra-annual growth zones of xylem and phloem in teak (Tectona grandis) in Ivory Coast
A rapid decrease in temperature induces latewood formation in artificially reactivated cambium of conifer stems
Gibberellin is required for the formation of tension wood and stem gravitropism in Acacia mangium seedlings
Anatomy and lignin distribution in reaction phloem fibres of several Japanese hardwoods
Multi-stemmed trees of Nothofagus pumilio second-growth forest in Patagonia are formed by highly related individuals
Branching habit and the allocation of reproductive resources in conifers
Expression of PaNAC01, a Picea abies CUP-SHAPED COTYLEDON orthologue, is regulated by polar auxin transport and associated with differentiation of the shoot apical meristem and formation of separated cotyledons