Photosynthesis research protocols
The evolution of plant form
Plant Cuttings
Nodule morphology, symbiotic specificity and association with unusual rhizobia are distinguishing features of the genus Listia within the southern African crotalarioid clade Lotononis s.l.
Spatial patterns of photosynthesis in thin- and thick-leaved epiphytic orchids
Cotton bracts are adapted to a microenvironment of concentrated CO2 produced by rapid fruit respiration
High cytokinin levels induce a hypersensitive-like response in tobacco
Endogenous cytokinin in developing kiwifruit is implicated in maintaining fruit flesh chlorophyll levels
Identification and characterization of ten new water gaps in seeds and fruits with physical dormancy and classification of water-gap complexes
Peduncles elicit large-mammal endozoochory in a dry-fruited plant
Variation and evolution of herkogamy in Exochaenium (Gentianaceae)
MIZ1-regulated hydrotropism functions in the growth and survival of Arabidopsis thaliana under natural conditions
Time-lapse imaging of self- and cross-pollinations in Brassica rapa
Comparative molecular cytogenetic analyses of a major tandemly repeated DNA family and retrotransposon sequences in cultivated jute Corchorus species (Malvaceae)
Variation of microsporogenesis in monocots producing monosulcate pollen grains
Are there pollination syndromes in the Australian epacrids (Ericaceae
The abrupt climate change at the Eocene–Oligocene boundary and the emergence of South-East Asia triggered the spread of sapindaceous lineages
Floral ontogeny and gene protein localization rules out euanthial interpretation of reproductive units in Lepironia (Cyperaceae, Mapanioideae, Chrysitricheae)
An invasive Mimosa in India does not adopt the symbionts of its native relatives
Hydraulic resistance of developing Actinidia fruit