Plant Cuttings
Form matters
Auxin and the integration of environmental signals into plant root development
Phenotypic correlates of the lianescent growth form
Integration of molecular and physiological models to explain time of anthesis in wheat
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Genetic evidence for predominantly hydrochoric gene flow in the invasive riparian plant Impatiens glandulifera (Himalayan balsam)
Pollination in a patchily distributed lousewort is facilitated by presence of a co-flowering plant due to enhancement of quantity and quality of pollinator visits
Nuclear microsatellite variation in Malagasy baobabs (Adansonia, Bombacoideae, Malvaceae) reveals past hybridization and introgression
Floral elaiophores in Lockhartia Hook. (Orchidaceae
Differential spreading of HinfI satellite DNA variants during radiation in Centaureinae
The Arabidopsis thaliana Mob1A gene is required for organ growth and correct tissue patterning of the root tip
Trade-offs between seed dispersal and dormancy in an amphi-basicarpic cold desert annual
Population genetic evidence for speciation pattern and gene flow between Picea wilsonii, P. morrisonicola and P. neoveitchii
The evolutionary history of sea barley (Hordeum marinum) revealed by comparative physical mapping of repetitive DNA
Foliar abscisic acid content underlies genotypic variation in stomatal responsiveness after growth at high relative air humidity
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