Plant Cuttings
Labellar anatomy and secretion in Bulbophyllum Thouars (Orchidaceae
Growth rate distribution in the forming lateral root of arabidopsis
Molecular cloning of two novel peroxidases and their response to salt stress and salicylic acid in the living fossil Ginkgo biloba
The presence of a below-ground neighbour alters within-plant seed size distribution in Phaseolus vulgaris
Floral structure of Emmotum (Icacinaceae sensu stricto or Emmotaceae), a phylogenetically isolated genus of lamiids with a unique pseudotrimerous gynoecium, bitegmic ovules and monosporangiate thecae
Extensive long-distance pollen dispersal and highly outcrossed mating in historically small and disjunct populations of Acacia woodmaniorum (Fabaceae), a rare banded iron formation endemic
Resin duct size and density as ecophysiological traits in fire scars of Pseudotsuga menziesii and Larix occidentalis
Responses to shading of naturalized and non-naturalized exotic woody species
Intermediate complex morphophysiological dormancy in seeds of the cold desert sand dune geophyte Eremurus anisopterus (Xanthorrhoeaceae; Liliaceae s.l.)
Developmental changes in guard cell wall structure and pectin composition in the moss Funaria
Contribution of above- and below-ground plant traits to the structure and function of grassland soil microbial communities
Role of chloride ions in the promotion of auxin-induced growth of maize coleoptile segments
Female and male fitness consequences of clonal growth in a dwarf bamboo population with a high degree of clonal intermingling