Plant and algal cell walls
Regulatory roles of phosphoinositides in membrane trafficking and their potential impact on cell-wall synthesis and re-modelling
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Co-ordination and divergence of cell-specific transcription and translation of genes in arabidopsis root cells
The Arabidopsis thaliana FASCICLIN LIKE ARABINOGALACTAN PROTEIN 4 gene acts synergistically with abscisic acid signalling to control root growth
Arrangement of mixed-linkage glucan and glucuronoarabinoxylan in the cell walls of growing maize roots
SNARE VTI13 plays a unique role in endosomal trafficking pathways associated with the vacuole and is essential for cell wall organization and root hair growth in arabidopsis
Arabidopsis PECTIN METHYLESTERASE17 is co-expressed with and processed by SBT3.5, a subtilisin-like serine protease
The cell wall pectic polymer rhamnogalacturonan-II is required for proper pollen tube elongation
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Genotype, development and tissue-derived variation of cell-wall properties in the lignocellulosic energy crop Miscanthus
Pectic-β(1,4)-galactan, extensin and arabinogalactan–protein epitopes differentiate ripening stages in wine and table grape cell walls
Comparative glycan profiling of Ceratopteris richardii ‘C-Fern’ gametophytes and sporophytes links cell-wall composition to functional specialization
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Structures formed by a cell membrane-associated arabinogalactan-protein on graphite or mica alone and with Yariv phenylglycosides