Current trends and future directions in flower development research
MADS goes genomic in conifers
DEF- and GLO-like proteins may have lost most of their interaction partners during angiosperm evolution
Molecular control of seasonal flowering in rice, arabidopsis and temperate cereals
RAV genes
AGO1 controls arabidopsis inflorescence architecture possibly by regulating TFL1 expression
Floral structure and development in the monoecious palm Gaussia attenuata (Arecaceae; Arecoideae)
ULTRAPETALA1 and LEAFY pathways function independently in specifying identity and determinacy at the Arabidopsis floral meristem
Analysis of the arabidopsis REM gene family predicts functions during flower development
Flowers under pressure
The CRC orthologue from Pisum sativum shows conserved functions in carpel morphogenesis and vascular development
The role of WOX genes in flower development