Robust views on plasticity and biodiversity
The developmental genetics of biological robustness
The significance of developmental robustness for species diversity
Developmental mechanisms underlying variable, invariant and plastic phenotypes
Development and evolution of extreme synorganization in angiosperm flowers and diversity
Genetic assimilation
Species diversity vs. morphological disparity in the light of evolutionary developmental biology
Molecular mechanisms governing differential robustness of development and environmental responses in plants
Evolution of unusual morphologies in Lentibulariaceae (bladderworts and allies) and Podostemaceae (river-weeds)
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Tinkering with transcription factor networks for developmental robustness of Ranunculales flowers
Why should we investigate the morphological disparity of plant clades?
Stochastic variation in Cardamine hirsuta petal number
The role of pollinators in the evolution of corolla shape variation, disparity and integration in a highly diversified plant family with a conserved floral bauplan
Analysis of the Arabidopsis superman allelic series and the interactions with other genes demonstrate developmental robustness and joint specification of male–female boundary, flower meristem termination and carpel compartmentalization
Relationship between the species-representative phenotype and intraspecific variation in Ranunculaceae floral organ and Asteraceae flower numbers
Exploring the ontogenetic scaling hypothesis during the diversification of pollination syndromes in Caiophora (Loasaceae, subfam. Loasoideae)