Intracellular IL-4, IL-10, and IFN-γ Levels of Leukemic Cells and Bone Marrow T Cells in Acute Leukemia
Relationship between Nuclear Grade of Ductal Carcinoma in situ and Cell Origin Markers
Serum TIMP-1 in Gastric Cancer Patients: A Potential Prognostic Biomarker
Prognostic Value of Cytology, Nuclear Matrix Protein 22 (NMP22) Test, and Urinary Bladder Cancer II (UBC II) Test in Early Recurrent Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder
Betamethasone Affects Cerebral Expressions of NF-κB and Cytokines that Correlate with Pain Behavior in a Rat Model of Neuropathy
Donor-Derived Type II Pneumocytes Are Rare in the Lungs of Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Recipients
Diagnosis of Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury: TRALI or Not TRALI?
Associations between Hypertriglyceridemia and Serum Ghrelin, Adiponectin, and IL-18 Levels in HIV-infected Patients
Severe Hypophosphatemia in Sepsis as a Mortality Predictor
Evaluation of a New Third-Generation ELISA for the Detection of HIV Infection
Correlation of the Turbo-MP RIA with ImmunoCAP FEIA for Determination of Food Allergen-Specific Immunoglobulin E
Apoptosis in Pressure Overload-Induced Cardiac Hypertrophy Is Mediated, in Part, by Adenine Nucleotide Translocator-1
Hepatorenal Syndrome: Resolution of Ascites by Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy in an Alcoholic Coinfected with Hepatitis B, C, and Human Immunodeficiency Viruses
Possible Insensitivity of the Polybrene Antibody Screen to Detect Anti-Jka
Reference Intervals of Serum Soluble APO-1 (Fas/CD95) Concentrations in Healthy Adults
Embryonic Stem Cell Co-Transplantation Revisted: Utility of Umbilical Cord Blood “Embryonic-Like” Stem Cells
Breast Cancer: The Art and Science of Early Detection with Mammography.
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