“20209C-T” a Variant Mutation of Prothrombin Gene Mutation in a Patient with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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Abstract.Recurrent pregnancy loss is considered when a female undergoes at least two consecutive, spontaneous abortions or more than two alternatively. This condition affects approximately 5% of women in reproductive age. Several causes of recurrent abortion have been established, but nevertheless, approximately half of all cases remain unexplained. Thrombophilic disorders have been suggested as a possible cause of recurrent miscarriage. A single 20210 G-A mutation of the 3′-untranslated region of (F2) has been reported as a cause of inherited thrombophilia. The F2 G-A mutation affects 1% to 4% of the US population, and its prevalence is higher among Caucasian women of Southern European descendants. Studies of G20210A polymorphism have also shown conflicting associations with recurrent abortions. In addition to G20210A polymorphism, other mutations affecting the F2 gene have been associated with thrombosis and/or pregnancy complications.

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