Bupropion SR vs. Methylphenidate vs. Placebo for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults
The Utility of Laboratory Screening in Medically Ill Patients with Psychiatric Symptoms
Gabapentin in PTSD
An Open Trial of Olanzapine in the Treatment of Patients with Psychotic Depression
Treatment of Somatization Disorder with Nefazodone
Newly Admitted Psychiatric Patient Prescriptions and Pharmaceutical Sales Visits
Use of Antiepileptics in Traumatic Brain Injury
Essential Psychopharmacology Neuroscientific Basis and Practical Application 2nd edition
Psychological Debriefing Theory, Practice, and Evidence
Group Therapy for Cancer Patients
Schizophrenia in Children and Adolescents
Sexing the Brain
The Antidepressant Sourcebook
Life At the Border. Understanding and Recovering From the Borderline Personality Disorder, 3rd edition
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