Combined Cardiac Marker Approach With Adjunct Two-Dimensional Echocardiography to Diagnose Acute Myocardial Infarction in the Emergency Department
Effect of a Patient's Sex on the Timing of Thrombolytic Therapy
Effect of Cardiologist ECG Review on Emergency Department Practice
Improved Specificity of Myoglobin Plus Carbonic Anhydrase Assay Versus That of Creatine Kinase-MB for Early Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction
Circadian Variation in Sudden Cardiac Death: Effects of Age, Sex, and Initial Cardiac Rhythm
Failure to Agree on the Electrocardiographic Diagnosis of Ventricular Tachycardia
Traumatic Hypothermia Is Related to Hypotension, Not Resuscitation
Contaminated Wounds: Infection Rates With Subcutaneous Sutures
Patient Noncompliance With Medical Advice After the Emergency Department Visit
Clinic Follow-up From the Emergency Department: Do Patients Show Up?
Development of an Emergency Department-Based Injury Surveillance System
Enforcement of Drunken Driving Laws in Cases Involving Injured Intoxicated Drivers
State of the Journal
New Approaches to Ruling Out Acute Ischemic Coronary Syndrome in the Emergency Department
Emergency Medicine in Southern Pakistan
Emergency Medicine in Pakistan
Recognition and Management of Hot Liquid Aspiration in Children
Use of the Scapular Manipulation Method to Reduce an Anterior Shoulder Dislocation in the Supine Position
Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Presenting as a Sudden Headache With Focal Neurologic Findings
This Time Was Different
Confirmation of Blind Endotracheal Tube Placement
Confirmation of Blind Endotracheal Tube Placement
In reply: Confirmation of Blind Endotracheal Tube Placement
Moonlighting Revisited
Computed Tomography and Basilar Skull Fracture
In reply: Computed Tomography and Basilar Skull Fracture
The "Real" Ottawa Ankle Rules
In reply: The "Real" Ottawa Ankle Rules
Delayed In-Hospital Defibrillation
Stomach Rupture During CPR
The effect of oral deferoxamine on iron absorption in humans
Independent parental administration of prednisone in acute asthma: A double-blind placebo-controlled, crossover study
A comparison of cathartics in pediatric ingestion
Use of dexamethasone in the outpatient management of acute laryngotracheitis
Failure of methylprednisolone to improve outcome of spinal cord injuries
Nonoperative management of gunshot wounds of the abdomen
Elevator talk: Observational study of inappropriate comments in a public space
Detection of bacteremia in young infants: Is 48 hours adequate?
Risk factors for lacunar infarction syndromes
Infant sleep position and the sudden infant death syndrome
Efficacy of long-term anticoagulant treatment in subgroups of patients after myocardial infarction
Oral sumatriptan in preventing headache recurrence after treatment of migraine attacks with subcutaneous sumatriptan
Spinal tuberculosis: A diagnostic and management challenge
Prognosis after hospitalization for acute myocardial infarction not accompanied by typical ischemic chest pain
Taigman's Advanced Cardiology (in Plain English);
Diagnosis and Management of Asthma;
Quick Reference for Advanced Cardiac Life Support;
Preconditioning Improves Cardiac Functional Recovery by Conserving Energy Expenditure Early in Ischemia
Aminophylline as an Adjunct to Standard Advanced Cardiac Life Support Pharmacotherapy for Refractory Out-of-Hospital Asystolic Cardiac Arrest: Results of a Human Pilot Study
Cocaine Causes Acute Direct Effects on the Myocardium by Way ofα-Adrenergic Receptor Stimulation
Neurologic Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment After Resuscitation From Experimental Cardiac Arrest: A Preliminary Study
Serial Creatine Kinase-MB Testing and Serial ECG Monitoring During the Emergency Department Evaluation of Non-Cocaine-Associated Chest Pain
Electrocardiographic T-Wave Changes Caused by Changes in Body Position
Urinalysis as Marker of Acute Kidney Dysfunction in Patients With Severe Hypertension
Domestic Violence-Related Homicide: Emergency Department Use Before Victimization
In Vitro Analysis of L-Arginine as a Bronchodilator in Normal and Asthmatic Rabbits
Steroid Therapy in the Prevention of Early Relapse After Emergency Department Treatment of Acute Asthma: Is a Taper Needed?
Asthma Practice Guidelines: Does Their Implementation Affect Use of Resources?
Effect of a Practice Guideline on Acute Asthma Care
Single Breath Counting for the Assessment of Asthma in the Emergency Department
Validation of a Mortality Prediction Model for Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia
Air-Transported Head Injury Patients Undergo Cranial Computed Tomography Sooner Than Ground-Transported Patients
Patients Who Present to the Emergency Department More Than 24 Hours After Head Injury
Intracranial Hemorrhage Associated With Tangential Gunshot Wounds to the Head
Change In Physical Examination Findings Caused by Use of Spinal Immobilization Over Time
Outcomes in Major Trauma Patients With Prehospital Airway Intervention
Effect of Oral Contrast in Abdominal Computed Tomography for Blunt Trauma
Measurements That Can Predict Survival in Trauma Patients With Prehospital Hypotension
Injury Pattern Associated With Off-Road Mountain Bike Accidents
Evaluation of Oral Transmucosal Fentanyl Citrate for Sedation, Anxiolysis, and Pain Relief in Children During Suturing
Do Oral Antibiotics Prevent Serious Bacterial Infection in Children With Occult Pneumococcal Bacteremia?
Effects of Parental Presence During Venipuncture in Young Children
Compliance With Follow-up Appointments in Febrile Children
Pediatric Emergency Preparedness: A Survey of Houston Regional Emergency Departments
Pediatric Emergency Care in Rural Tennessee Emergency Departments
Substrate-Specific Impairment of Cardiac Oxidative Phosphorylation After Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
β2-Integrin Adherence in Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and Infection and Severe Sepsis
External Cardiac Compression Versus Active-Compression Decompression With and Without Mouth-to-Mouth Ventilation: Effects on Gas Exchange
External Cardiac Compression Versus Active Compression Decompression With and Without Mouth-to-Mouth Ventilation: Effects on Coronary Perfusion Pressure
Algorithmic Evaluation of Acute Geriatric Confusion
Recognition of Depression in Elderly Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department
Survey of Functional Status of Older Patients in the ED
Early Stroke Recognition: A Prehospital Stroke Scale
Prehospital ST-Segment Interpretation
Triage, Transportation, and Destination Decisions by Out-of-Hospital Emergency Care Providers
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services for Trauma Patients
Prehospital Use of Midazolam for Seizure Control
Impact of On-Scene Medical Control Physicians on Management and Outcome in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Ambulance Response Time With and Without Lights and Siren in Urban and Suburban/Rural Settings
Profile of Prehospital CPR in Washington DC
Variables That Affect Patient Throughput Times
Information-Sharing Can Reduce Laboratory Use by Emergency Physicians
Misrepresentation of Research Citations Among Emergency Medicine Residency Applicants
Effect of Physician Training on Quality of Emergency Care
Cost-Effective Treatment of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia With the Use of a Decision-Analysis Model
Identification of Clinical Predictors for Bacteremia in Immunocompetent Adult Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department
Radiographic Presentation of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in HIV-Seropositive and Non-HIV-Infected Patients
Pelvic Ultrasonography in Patients with Human ChorionicGonadotropin Levels Below 1,000 mIU/mL: How Often is the Study Diagnostic?
Accuracy and Utility of Ultrasound Examinations by Emergency Physicians
Incidence of Clinically Significant Rhabdomyolysis
Interobserver Agreement in the Examination of Patients With Acute Knee Injury
Low Sensitivity of Emergency Department Triage Category in Predicting Need for Hospital Admission
Comparison of Emergency Department Evaluation and Clinical Outcome in Men and Women With Appendicitis
Follow-up Characteristics of Sexual Assault Victims
Health Care Use by Physically and Sexually Abused Women
Hemodynamic Study of a Novel CPR: Inflation Vest With Enhanced External Counterpulsation
Hemodynamic Study of a New Type of CPR: Chest Compression Combined With External Diaphragm Pacing and Enhanced External Counterpulsation
Transmural Analysis of Left Ventricular High-Energy Phosphates During Ventricular Fibrillation
External Cardiac Compression Versus Active-Compression Decompression With and Without Mouth-to-Mouth Ventilation: Effects on Blood Gases
Emergency Department Screening and Intervention Program for Adolescents With Alcohol-Related Injuries
Cluster Pattern of Presentation in High-Frequency Emergency Department Patients With Ethanol Intoxication
Older Patients With Closed-Head Trauma Resulting from Falls: Mechanisms and Outcomes
Ability of a Prehospital Care Provider-Initiated Trauma System to Identify Patients Needing Surgery
Evaluation of Trauma Patients Who Are Hypotensive in the Prehospital Setting But Normotensive in the Emergency Department
ED Use by Nursing Home Patients
Socioeconomic Risk Factors for Gang-Related Homicide in Los Angeles
Emergency Physicians: Accuracy in the Diagnosis of Stroke
Effect of Fluid Temperature on Patient Comfort During Intravenous Rehydration
Asymptomatic Hypertension in the Emergency Department
Physician and Patient Factors Influencing Assessment and Treatment of Pain
Correlation Between Pain Relief and Patient Satisfaction with Pain Care in the Emergency Department
Comparison of Pain Assessment Scales in the Emergency Department
Delays in Emergency Department Fracture Analgesia for Air Medical Transport Patients Given Intratransport Fentanyl
Management of Sickle Cell Pain Crisis in the Emergency Department
Use of Time-Temperature Indicators to Monitor the Storage Temperature of Medications in the Prehospital Setting
Effects of Neutral Positioning With and Without Padding on Spinal Immobilization of Healthy Subjects
Duration of Immobilization and Pain Experienced on Rigid Spine Boards
Thermoregulation in Search and Rescue Divers During Extreme Temperature Conditions
Accuracy of Trauma Triage in Patients Transported by Helicopter
Characterization of the Effects of Magnesium on Heart Function
Brain μ-Calpain Autolysis During Global Cerebral Ischemia
Control of Neutrophil β2-Integrin Adherence by Membrane Guanylate Cyclase and Its Inhibition by Nitric Oxide
Evidence of a Homeostatic Mechanism to Maintain Normal Brain Volume Early After Brain Ischemia
Parental Knowledge of Preferred Infant Sleeping Position in the Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Pediatric Gunshot Wounds
Emergency Department Presentation of Pediatric Patients with Extraaxial Hematomas
Selection Bias of Patients in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Management of Obstructive Airway Disease Exacerbation: Quality Assessment in Four Emergency Departments
Impact of National Health Insurance on the Patterns of Emergency Department Visits
Perception of the Satisfaction With Emergency Department Care
How Emergency Physicians Spend Clinical Time in an Academic Emergency Department
Use of a Practice Profile to Facilitate Annual Physician Evaluations
Factors That Prompt Patients to Leave the Emergency Department Before Being Seen by a Physician
Trauma Response in the Emergency Department: Survey of Emergency Medicine Residency Programs
Side Stream Inhalation of Marijuana: The Grateful Dead Experience
Insulin Improves Survival in Lethal Canine Propranolol Toxicity
Bronchospasm Associated With Cocaine Abuse
Do Wristguards Effectively Reduce the Incidence of Wrist Fractures and Sprains in In-Line Skaters?
Implementation of the Ottawa Ankle Rules: How Safe, How Effective?
Postexposure Rabies Prophylaxis in an Urban Emergency Department
Estimates of Law Enforcement Involvement in Cases of Physical Partner Assault in a University Emergency Department
Failure to Cite for Driving Under the Influence in the Injured Driver and Subsequent Driving Under the Influence
Injuries and Complications Resulting From Law Enforcement Dog Bites