Call for Abstracts - Eighth International Conference on Emergency Medicine; May 4-7, 2000; Boston Massachusetts, USA
Correlation of the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research Congestive Heart Failure Admission Guideline With Mortality: Peer Review Organization Voluntary Hospital Association Initiative to Decrease Events (PROVIDE) for Congestive Heart Failure
An Economic Analysis of the Ottawa Knee Rule
Observer Variation in Measured ST-Segment Elevation
Emergency Medical Service Agency Definitions of Response Intervals
Neighborhoods Matter: A Population-Based Study of Provision of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Prochlorperazine Induces Akathisia in Emergency Patients
Preformatted Admission Charts for Poisoning Admissions Facilitate Clinical Assessment and Research
Adverse Events of Procedural Sedation and Analgesia in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Inadvertent Ketamine Overdose in Children: Clinical Manifestations and Outcome
Cocaine Absorption After Application of a Viscous Cocaine-Containing TAC Solution
New Concepts in Antimicrobial Therapy for Emergency Department Infections
A Cumulative Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Defibrillator-Capable Emergency Medical Services for Victims of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Do Ophthalmic Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs Reduce the Pain Associated With Simple Corneal Abrasion Without Delaying Healing?
Estimating the Cost of Medical Care
An Adolescent Case of Sulfhemoglobinemia Associated With High-Dose Metoclopramide and N-Acetylcysteine
Renal Failure and Corrosive Airway and Gastrointestinal Injury After Ingestion of Diluted Diquat Solution
Mycotic Aneurysm Presenting as Pancoast's Syndrome in an Injection Drug User
An Analysis of Alcohol-Related Motor Vehicle Fatalities by Ethnicity
Commentary: Intervening in Alcohol-Related Automobile Crash Fatalities Among Ethnic Minorities-A Call to Action for Emergency Physicians
An Emergency Medicine Elective Abroad: Learning and Teaching and Teaching and Learning
Twenty-five Years of Resident Representation From the Emergency Medicine Residents' Association
A Midlife Crisis in Academic Emergency Medicine
"Financial Transfers": Standard of Care?
"Financial Transfers": Standard of Care?
Total Iron Binding Capacity in Iron Overdose
Total Iron Binding Capacity in Iron Overdose
Acupuncture in Disaster Medicine
Treatment of acute myocardial infarction by primary coronary angioplasty or intravenous thrombolysis in the "real world": One-year results from a nationwide French survey
Comparison of comprehensive and limited metabolic evaluations in the treatment of patients with recurrent calcium urolithiasis
Follow-up imaging studies in children with splenic injuries
Pulmonary contusions: Quantifying the lesions on chest x-ray films and the factors affecting prognosis
Admission risk assessment by cardiac troponin T in unstable coronary artery disease: Additional prognostic information from continuous ST segment monitoring
Suicide within 12 months of contact with mental health services: National clinical survey
Long-term outcome of patients with syncope associated with coronary artery disease and a nondiagnostic electrophysiologic evaluation
Anthrax as a biological weapon: Medical and public health management
Suturing versus immobilization of a muscle laceration: A morphological and functional study in a mouse model
A comparison of driver- and passenger-based estimates of alcohol-impaired driving
Effect of intravenous metoprolol before hospital admission on chest pain in suspected acute myocardial infarction
Prophylactic lidocaine use in acute myocardial infarction: Incidence and outcomes from two international trials
Emergency Toxicology, ed 2
New England Eye Center Handbook of Eye Emergencies
Academic Departments of Emergency Medicine in Medical Schools
Immunizations in the Emergency Department
Informing Residency Applicants About Required Air Medical Participation
Internet Access
Residency Training in Toxicology
Substance Abuse Education
Support for Violence Victims
Emergency Information Form for Children With Special Health Care Needs